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Tooth Extraction

At Ryan Dental, our priority is to ensure that you have a beautiful smile, and we will only extract a tooth when there is no other option or if it is the best possible treatment choice for your case.

When you visit us, we will help you deliberate on the best treatment for your needs. If in the end of a consultation, it is discovered that tooth extraction is the best option, we will enlighten you about the process involved and make sure you are 100% happy with the treatment plan beforehand.

At What Point Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Tooth Extraction

Severe tooth decay or an impacted wisdom tooth are some of the reasons one might need to have a tooth removed. Sometimes, we may need to remove a tooth to allow space for teeth to move during orthodontic treatment, but this will be discussed much later in the course of the procedure once we have put your plans together.

Removal Of Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth usually grow without a problem, but often they might not have enough room to come through properly. In this case, they may grow at an awkward angle and cause what is called a tooth impaction.

This can result in a lot of discomforts, which is why you should visit us if your wisdom tooth is causing you a lot of pain.

If the impacted tooth is left untreated, it can result in infection. Therefore, it is better to remove the teeth to prevent any unpleasant symptoms for you to be happy with a confident smile.

Sedation Services For Tooth Removal

what to do after tooth extraction

We understand that dental surgery can be discouraging and you might be feeling so anxious at the thought of having your tooth extracted, do not worry because we will make you feel as comfortable as possible during your visit to Ryan Dental on Harley Street, London. Our dental sedation service is to ensure that you feel at ease during your procedure.

What To Do After Tooth Extraction

At Ryan Dental, we will ensure that we give you plenty of aftercare tips once your treatment is complete as you are relaxing in our comfortable environment.

Below are some guidelines on how to take care of your gums once a tooth has been removed;

  • Keep away from hot food, smoking and drinking for the first 24 hours.
  • Do not rinse your mouth out for the first 24 hours. After this 24 hours, you can rinse your mouth, using warm salty water (only a teaspoon of salt is required).
  • Brush and floss the other teeth as you usually
  • If you experience any soreness, take over-the-counter pain killers to ease relief

In case you are still feeling pain a few days after the surgery, please get back to us as soon a possible to enable us to soothe any soreness and help you to speed up your recovery.

Is there any tooth causing you pain?

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