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Teeth Whitening London

Teeth whitening is gradually becoming a dependable way of brightening up smiles. Teeth get discoloured and stained for various reasons. It could be as a result of the food you consume, the drugs taken or as a result of your dental cleaning habits.

Whatever the cause of your teeth discolouration, there are highly effective whitening treatments to clear them out.

At Ryan Dental, we offer a wide variety of teeth whitening in Harley Street, London to help you achieve a whiter, brighter and more beautiful smile.

Visit our clinic to make your selection on the most suitable whitening product for you.

Is Teeth Whitening For Me?

Some people may be at a loss on which particular whitening product to use. You are advised not to embark on a tooth whitening procedure if you do not know which product to go for, or if you are not qualified to do so by yourself. If you find yourself in situations whereby you do not know which product will work well for you, or you do not know if any teeth whitening procedure will be useful, then visit us at Ryan Dental on Harley Street, London for consultations.

When you include us in your search for a brighter smile, we will help you find out which whitening product will not only work best for you but will also be suitable for you clinically.

At Ryan Dental, we ensure a safe, healthy teeth whitening procedure with excellent results. This means that there will be uniformity in the colour of your teeth.

Why Do I Need To Whiten My Teeth?

People whiten their teeth for various reasons; the most common reason is for a boost in confidence. A sparkling smile works like a charm in improving one's confidence.

Teeth whitening is equally done to get rid of unpleasant stains on teeth or to look and feel good about yourself.

Whatever the reason you might have for wanting to whiten your teeth, Ryan Dental is here to assist you in making this dream come true. With our various whitening products, we are always at your service. Visit our clinic at Harley Street, London or call on 02071833709 to book an appointment.

Teeth Whitening Products

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening procedure is a highly effective whitening process that uses laser beams to activate the whitening process on the teeth. This means that the whitening process begins from inside the teeth, and works its way outwards.

This method is highly effective for teeth that have been stained by the ageing process, too much consumption of tea, coffee or red wine. This procedure leaves your teeth several shades lighter and more beautiful.

Philips Zoom White Speed Laser Teeth

This is one of the most recent laser whitening procedure. For this procedure, your teeth are lightened up to ten shades, with very safe and effective results.

Philips zoom as it is called sometimes only requires a 90-minutes reservation for the treatment, and you can get busy or relax as the treatment goes on. The process can continue at home, with a set of whitening trays as compliments.

This whitening procedure is available at Ryan Dental. Contact us on 02071833709 to book an appointment today for a beautiful bright smile.

Home Whitening

With Ryan Dental, you can also get your teeth whitened up to six shades right from the comfort of your own home, through our home teeth whitening treatment. It is easy to apply, safe, and most of all, highly effective.

Note that this home whitening kit must be used within six months of purchase.

Enlighten Evolution

With enlighten evolution, you can also get your teeth whitened from the comfort of your home, but with only a single session at the clinic. This session would be on the last day of treatment.

The teeth whitening treatment using enlighten evolution lasts for 15 days and has been proven to be highly effective with beautiful results.

It is guaranteed to help you get a perfect shade for your teeth, and with proper maintenance, the treatment can last for years.

Can I Use Whitening Toothpaste?

Whitening toothpaste is adequate but not as effective as a teeth whitening procedure. Whitening toothpaste will only remove the stains on the teeth surface, but will not change the colour of the teeth. The best option is to go for a teeth whitening procedure.

Durability Of Teeth Whitening

Generally, teeth whitening can last up to two years. However, the efforts of the individual regarding dental hygiene can increase or decrease the life span of the treatment. To make your whitening last longer, avoid food and drinks that stain the teeth, including smoking.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The tooth whitening procedure can cause sensitivity in some people. However, one should not worry about this as the sensitivity fades in 48 hours.

Teeth whitening is safe and does not affect your teeth structure or enamel. Because of this, you can enjoy a bright and white smile all the time.

At Ryan Dental we help you achieve your best sparkling white smile. Give us a call today on 02071833709 or visit our clinic on Harley Street, London to book an appointment.

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