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The food we eat and, in some cases, our activities, can put our teeth under stress, causing fractured, chipped, discoloured or even decayed teeth.

These imperfections can cause you not to smile the way you would like to. However, there is a treatment available for such problems, and it is called teeth bonding.

Ryan Dental is a well qualified dental clinic; we are well equipped to handle some forms of dental treatments, including teeth bonding.

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What Is Teeth Bonding?

Teeth bonding is a treatment that involves using tooth-coloured resin to repair the chipped, decayed or fractured tooth.

The procedure is called teeth bonding because it is bonded to the teeth.

Getting a perfect smile with teeth bonding can be quite affordable. You can get your teeth problems fixed through teeth bonding at affordable rates when you contact us at Ryan Dental; We are always available to render our professional service to our clients.

Teeth Bonding; What Does It Treat?

Although teeth bonding can be used for treating several teeth problems, however, it cannot be used for all teeth problems. Teeth bonding uses composite resin to brighten up discoloured teeth. The resin can be polished or shaped to match the colour of your natural teeth. That way, it will not be visible.

Teeth bonding can also be used to fix the appearance of a chipped tooth. Similarly, teeth bonding can be used to enhance the length of the teeth by making it seem longer.

Other instance where teeth bonding can be used, includes; bridging gaps between teeth, changing the shape of a tooth or the colour. In some cases, it is used as an alternative to silver fillings.

To get the best teeth bonding treatment, you would require the expert service of a reputed dental clinic. Ryan Dental provides excellent dental service you can rely on, do visit our clinic today at Harley Street, London.

Tooth Bonding Procedure

Tooth bonding is a procedure that can be carried out in just one visit; it is a quick and reliable process.

The bonding procedure begins with selecting a composite resin with an exact colour match to your teeth; the selection process is made easy with the use of a shade chart.

Once the precise colour is gotten, the surrounding teeth are prepared for the procedure. The particular tooth to be treated is coated with a light amount of conditioning liquid. This liquid helps the resin in the bonding process; after this, the resin then applied.

The resin is moulded and smoothened into the tooth until it takes the desired shape. Afterwards, a special ultra-violet light will be shone on the tooth to set the resin. Polishing the tooth is usually the last thing to do after the resin has hardened. It gives the resin the natural shine of the natural teeth.

The whole procedure is considerably shorter than many cosmetic procedures, and it can last for about an hour.

Benefits Of Tooth Bonding

It is time-efficient

The tooth bonding procedure is one of the shortest cosmetic procedures in terms of time management. In just one appointment, of about an hour or more, you can have that beautiful smile you desire.

There is no need for anaesthesia

The fact that the procedure does not involve any pain of any kind makes it very beneficial. The effect of anaesthesia is something you need not worry about as you can continue with your activities once the procedure is done.

It requires little preparation

Being a quick and easy dental procedure, involving the use of resin over teeth, there is no need to scrape away or remove any part of the teeth for the resin to fit in. It preserves the natural form and shape of the tooth.

The tooth bonding procedure is one of the most straightforward and most acceptable, beneficial dental procedure.

However, it requires the professional services of experienced and qualified dentists.

Ryan Dental is one such clinic with a competent and experienced dental team. You should visit our clinic at Harley street, London, for more information on tooth bonding, or give us a call on 02071833709 to book an appointment.

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