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Six Month Smiles®: Your swift alternative to a better smile

On many occasions, you demand an immediate solution, especially with the treatment of irregularities in your teeth. If you want to possess a steady front tooth within a lesser period, then the Six Month Smiles® system is the right option for you.

What are Six Month Smiles®?

Six Month Smile

A preferable option compared to your normal braces, Six Month Smiles® braces are constructed of clear brackets and white wires. Six Month Smiles® is a highly effective brace treatment which will keep your teeth in shape, within a minimum of six months.

You can contact our expert medical professionals at Ryan Dental located in Harley Street, London, whenever you have questions on how to get the Six Month Smiles® braces. We also provide a initial consultation to our patients to ascertain if you’re eligible to wear the braces. Don’t forget to call us on 020 71833709 in case you require further dental treatment.

Are Six Month Smiles® braces discreet?

Whereas braces can be seen in the case of other types of braces, Six Month Smiles® braces are less visible compared to modern braces. The procedure is fast and reliable when conducting it on patients that have orthodontic complications interfering with their front teeth.

Revolutionary orthodontics

A renowned collection of approved orthodontic methods, new materials and effective ideas, the treatment reviews all the essentials of normal braces and upgrades the procedure and its contents. The more productive and less dangerous cosmetic option adheres to your way of life and instead of putting on metal braces that are very obvious for so many years, or going through extensive teeth straightening surgical procedures, Six Month Smiles® is reliable, short-term and cheap.

Achieving a high degree of success rate in the USA, the Six Month Smiles® procedure is now being widely accepted in the UK.

Qualified Six Month Smiles® Dentists

Our dentist at Ryan Dental is highly trained in ascertaining if this treatment is the right option for the patient and carries out the proper installation of the Six Month Smiles® braces. Our professionals also possess tremendous experience regarding any form of dental treatment.

We also have a platform where we discuss with our patients making sure that all their needs are well attended to, so you’re assured of having improved dental care.

To enable you to possess a straighter smile within six months, call our phone line on 020 71833709, or you can reach out to our office located in Harley Street, London, to help determine the appropriate treatment for you. 

How can my teeth be straightened in just six months?

The Six Month Smiles® method uses the modern approach in dentistry to make your teeth align faster and without risk. They require precious nickel-titanium, and the procedure concentrates on moving the teeth that reveals itself when you laugh.

Will the treatment definitely take six months?

The duration of the procedure is not the same for everyone due to the separate qualities possessed by every human being. A significant number of this procedure lasts for 4 to 9 months, but usually requires an estimate of 6 months.

Are Six Month Smiles® braces more comfortable than regular braces?

For most people, the continuous treatment entails tightening your normal braces for the teeth to start functioning again, which is false. Six Month Smiles® braces apply minimal pressure to make your teeth align with ease and concentrate on the essential display of your teeth other than how your bite is situated.

Am I suitable for Six Month Smiles®?

So many grownups are eligible to wear the Six Month Smiles® braces. However, if you fall within the age of 18 and above, and you have a broken or gap teeth, and you don't want your bite to be greatly affected, this might be the right option for you. For further inquiries on knowing if you're qualified for this treatment, call us on 020 71833709, and we'll assist you properly.

Do Six Month Smiles® braces damage the teeth, roots or gums?

There are lesser cases of anything going wrong with your root or any other complications arising, compared to those that can be encountered when you resort to traditional brace treatment. Since the pressure applied by Six Month Smiles® braces are at a minimum and teeth are rarely removed, there is 0% chance that anything might go wrong when undergoing Six Month Smiles® treatment.

How much do Six Month Smiles® braces cost?

At Ryan Dental, we make sure that we provide you with accurate information concerning the amount of money to be spent in undergoing the procedure whenever you make an appointment, but as the duration of the procedure is not long, Six Month Smiles® is usually cheaper than traditional orthodontics.

Will the braces be obvious?

Six Month Smiles® braces are less visible compared to the normal braces. The braces and wires appear in the same colour with your natural teeth, to make sure that they match, making it less obvious. Whenever you get in touch with us at Ryan Dental, located in Harley Street, London, our dental team will assist you in making the right decision for your dental health.

Will I need to wear a retainer?

Just like every other procedure for teeth-straightening, putting on a retainer is essential to ensure that your tooth is held steady in a straight manner. If you prefer not having a detachable retainer, you can as well request for a bonded retainer to be inserted. You can also request the assistance of our qualified medical professional at Ryan Dental by calling our phone line on 020 71833709, and we’ll help you decide on the appropriate solution for you.  

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