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Oral Cancer Screening In London

Oral cancer is curable, yet, over 2,500 people die as a result of it every year. The statistics is high because of the late detection of the condition.

Oral Cancer

In order to ensure our clients do not become part of the statistics, we make use of the VELscope oral cancer screening system at our dental clinic on Harley Street. The screening system is a pain-free, non-invasive and quick technique used to detect oral cellular abnormalities in the soft tissues of the mouth.

At Ryan Dental, VELscope screening is included in our initial oral examinations for patients and then routinely at check-up appointments. This enables us to detect any cancerous tissue in the mouth as early as possible.

Who is at Risk of Oral Cancer?

If you consume about three-four units of alcohol on a daily basis, smoke cigarettes, use Betel Quid or chew tobacco, you have a higher risk of developing oral cancer. A more significant percentage of those affected are young people.

Irrespective of what must have caused the oral cancer, through early detection, recovery can be guaranteed.

Why we use The Velscope at Ryan Dental?

The VELscope is an excellent piece of equipment; it is non-invasive and painless. VELscope makes use a modern technology called Tissue Fluorescence Visualisation to detect abnormal cells in the mouth.

At our dental clinic on Harley Street, we carry out the VELscope to detect abnormalities in the cells of the mouth. During the procedure, our orthodontist will shine blue light into your mouth for the excitation of the oral tissues. We then use a special instrument to view the results.

Normal oral tissue appears as a green fluorescent pattern, while abnormal oral tissue appears dark. Regardless of what your VELscope results are, we will support you and provide necessary treatment options to treat the detected abnormal mouth tissues.

If you still have more questions to ask about how we treat oral cancer in our dental clinic on Harley street, do not hesitate to contact us to book for a no-obligation consultation.

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