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We can boast in our patient-friendly and welcoming atmosphere— our clients can attest to our ever receptive, accommodating and hospitable services.

We Provide Comprehensive Dental Care

General Dentistry

We have been the source of transformation of many smiles, but we have never stopped at transforming smiles— we always urge our patients and others to continue visiting us regularly so that they can maintain their very attractive smiles. Having a regular dental check-up with Ryan Dental in Harley Street London will help us make early diagnosis, treatment, and generally care for your oral health needs.

During our general check-ups and examination, we educate patients on how to clean and care for their gums, and the necessary steps they have to take to prevent the occurrence of some problems. We also recommend that procedures necessary for keeping the mouth healthy such as root canals, fillings, crown bridges or veneers should be done if need be.

When you stabilise the health of your mouth, you may need to try out our cosmetic treatments to help you have a better-looking smile. If you have once been a partaker of our orthodontic or cosmetic treatment in Harley Street London, we recommend a regular visit for check-ups so that the smile you worked so hard to achieve can be maintained.

You Can Have A Full Range Of General Dental Treatment From Us

Feel free to visit our clinic in Harley Street London if you are in need of any dental treatment. You can book an appointment by calling us on 020 71833709.

Regular dental examinations

Having a routine check-up with us at Ryan Dental will help diagnose, treat and take care of every aspect of your oral health. During our regular examination, we educate you on how best to care for and maintain a good oral health.

White fillings

Smiles are being lifted with this simple and very affordable procedure. It gives off a better appearance than the old amalgam fittings. We use white composite material to replace your old fillings or fill new ones if need be.


Porcelain crowns are usually fitted to teeth which have been chipped, broken or have undergone heavy filling. These crowns help in restoring the beauty and functionality of teeth which were damaged.

General Dentistry

Filling of root canals

In cases where the nerves and blood supply to the tooth have been infected or damaged, we fill the root canals. When the root canals are filled, they feel just like the ordinary filling. Most of the times, this procedure is a perfect alternative to tooth removal.


One of the ways we can replace missing teeth is with dentures. These dentures are prosthetic devices which are either made from acrylic or cobalt chrome bases. They are made available in many designs and with our help, you can choose the best design for yourself.

Hygiene treatments

Having a good oral hygiene is very important for a good dental health and general well-being. Our oral hygiene services cover a wide range of scaling, cleaning, polishing, and even advising the patients on how they can best take care of their teeth at home.


Stress can be increased on the teeth when there are gaps in the mouth. This often affects the way a person bites and chews. This condition can best be helped by the bridge. With a bridge, the gaps are filled, and a more aesthetic appearance is achieved.

Inlays and Onlays

We use these procedures to repair a tooth that has suffered a fracture or an area that has been damaged and it is too large to be covered by filling.

Removal of tooth

This is the last option after we have made analysis to find out that the prognosis is too damaged that no other form of treatment can be offered to make the situation better.

Periodontal (gum) treatment

We at Ryan Dental on Harley Street London are providers of a wide range of gum (periodontal) treatments. We are known for treating clients with issues of gum disease, carry out dental implant surgery, laser treatment and also regenerative procedures.

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