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A Relaxing Environment

On many occasions, the conducive nature of our facility and the level of hospitality provided by our well-trained employees are very beneficial to the overall health care of our patients.

Meanwhile, whenever you feel any sense of anxiety or level of discomfort when presented with the option of undergoing dental surgery, we can also offer you dental sedation to enable you to relax during the procedure. Our office located in Harley Street, London consists of professionals that are highly qualified with a vast amount of knowledge on the most suitable way to administer sedation to our patients.

Dental Sedation

This will ensure that you’re well relaxed all through the duration of the dental procedure, which will, in turn, reflect on the outcome to be provided with ease. With Ryan Dental, you will be encouraged to schedule regular appointments with our dental sedation team without any sense of worry. In other words, dental sedation eliminates any reason to be afraid, making sure that the confidence of every patient is restored for the dental procedure to be conducted peacefully to provide a satisfying result.

You can also call our phone line on 020 71833709 to request for the assistance of any of our medical personnel at Ryan Dental located in Harley Street, London, to ensure your dental health by using the most effective methods.

What type of dental treatments requires dental sedation?

Various treatments such as extensive periodontal or gum infection treatment, dental implants, veneers and crown installation, composite or white fillings and hygiene treatment can be carried out using dental sedation.

How do I embark on dental sedation?

Schedule an appointment to meet with any of our medical experts at Ryan Dental located at Harley Street, London. We can handle any amount of worry you may have, provide you with detailed explanation to any inquiries and determine if you qualify for dental sedation, before recommending it to you.

What are the benefits of dental sedation?

Dental sedation does not involve any risk and ensures that you remain comfortable during the procedure. It also helps to minimise anxiety and tiredness experienced from participating in long hours of dental surgery, which can demand further meetings.

The sedation procedure works faster on patients who are not disturbed, and when you stay still, it won’t take long for the procedure to be carried out by our medical professionals, so that you can leave on time.

For more enquiries on how you can get an affordable and quality dental treatment, you can contact our medical personnel by calling 020 71833709, or you can pay us a visit at Ryan Dental located in Harley Street, London for trustworthy and reliable dental services.

Who is an ideal candidate for dental sedation?

Below is a list of factors that qualifies you as the proper candidate to be administered dental sedation,

  1. You feel a sense of anxiety whenever you have to meet with your dentist.
  2. You are afraid of having to endure the entire duration of a dental procedure.
  3. You’ve encountered a terrible situation when undergoing a dental procedure in the past.
  4. You don’t find it easy just staying still, and you are afraid of pain.
  5. You don’t have absolute control of your body, for instance, patients who have Parkinson’s disease or Cerebral Palsy.
  6. You have a phobia for a particular procedure.
  7. You have a phobia for needles.
  8. If your sense of anxiety will inevitably affect the outcome of the entire procedure.

Dental sedation have greatly helped in carrying out dental procedures. To find out more about dental sedation, you can put a call across 020 71833709.

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