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Your oral hygiene should not be taken for granted. It not only is essential for your general well-being, but good oral hygiene improves the appearance of your teeth and your smile. Regular brushing and flossing of your teeth, and scheduling frequent dental appointments will help you maintain your smile, and save money, as it is much less expensive than any dental cure.

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Preventative Dentistry

Hygiene Services

Here at Ryan Dental, we offer exceptional dental care services to keep your teeth healthy and safe from conditions that could cause tooth damage and decay. Our dentists are dedicated to ensuring you get one of the best oral preventative treatment so that wherever possible, we help you avoid the need for expensive dental treatment like fillings and extractions.

As a patient with Ryan Dental, our dentists will provide you with a thorough dental examination during your consultation. We will discuss your results with you, and advice you on any necessary treatment or action needed to keep your teeth and gums in good condition.

Our experienced dental care providers ensure you get helpful recommendations on what methods and dental products are essential for you to improve your oral care routine, and keep your teeth and gums always free from decay and damage. By scheduling regular dental visits with Ryan Dental, we can monitor the health of your teeth and gums, and provide you with useful information in treating any damage and maintaining healthy teeth and smile.

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How can you maintain a perfect smile?


AquaCare offers you a popular and efficient option for whitening your teeth and cleaning any stain from the surface of your teeth. It uses an optimised technology that allows it to reach into the pits and crevices of your tooth, and clean all surfaces that can’t be reached by normal cleaning.

Hygiene Services

A distinct feature of AquaCare is its patented multi-purpose handpiece, which allows it to deliver a high-speed stream of fluid for tooth cleaning. A reservoir within the AquaCare unit provides this cleaning fluid.

Airstream leaves the AquaCare handpiece at a speed of 80 psi, but this is easily adjusted by your dentist using the speed and powder controls. The controls limit the pressure in the device, and what amount of powder that goes into it.

Using the AquaCare, your dentist can cut into the tooth, and readily prepare cavities without any drilling. Chipping and stress fracturing is avoided, and the risk of removing healthy tooth materials is reduced by the quick cutting ability of AfterCare.

The AquaCare device gives out no heat, noise, vibration or smell during use. It does not directly come in touch with your tooth, unlike the more traditional dental instruments. It can be used for any of the following additional purposes:

  • In clearing out fissures within your tooth
  • For preparing the surfaces of your tooth for bonding
  • For removing any cement residue left behind on crowns and bridges

Contact Ryan Dental for support in taking control of your oral health, and providing yourself with that perfect smile. You can visit our Harley Street clinic today. Our care providers are specialists in dental treatment and are skilled in the use of special tools and equipment in ensuring all surfaces of your teeth are cleaned, and dental issue is detected early.

Why should you get dental hygiene services?

Making regular dental visits improves your oral health, and ensures that the risk of infections and diseases are reduced. Dental hygiene services are preventive and much less expensive than getting a cure for a decayed or damaged tooth. They are necessary if you wish to have a pleasant smile, and detect any infection, disease or decay before they get severe, and potentially lead to mouth cancer.

Should you get your teeth cleaned twice a year?

Brushing and flossing twice a day, especially once before bed, ensures your teeth and mouth is kept clean and fresh. But there are areas in your teeth that can’t be reached by your brush or floss, so a professional cleaning form your dentist is necessary twice a year to ensure your entire mouth is clean and healthy.

How often should you have oral hygiene check-ups?

We recommend regular hygiene check-ups every 3 to 6 months. This could change based on the level of dental hygiene you need but is necessary to ensure your oral health is improved, and care is offered to you to deter any disease or infection.

Should you continue your usual hygiene check-ups after you’ve had your implants fitted?

The risk of bacteria is present in implants just as in your teeth. Bacteria can buildup on the sides and edges of your implants and cause decay and infections. So oral hygiene check-ups are necessary for your implants also.

What factors can affect your oral hygiene?

  • Smoking can increase the chances of tooth loss and developing gum disease.
  • A lack of sleep can cause pockets to form between your gums and teeth, and potentially lead to gum disease or bone loss.
  • Pregnancy can cause our gums to soften, increasing their chances of developing plaque and becoming infected. Frequent dental check-ups and oral hygiene are even more important in this situation, to treat any dental issue as early as possible.

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