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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Having a missing tooth can result in a lack of confidence in people. Asides the impact on personality, a missing tooth can affect one’s speech as well as the ability to chew. Dental bridges can be fixed to restore the functionality of your teeth and your confident smile.

At Ryan Dental, our team of an experienced dentist are familiar with dental bridge cases and have fixed a lot of similar problems, therefore restoring smiles to the faces of our patients. We offer a great quality dental bridge treatments that can help give you get the dentition you have always desired.

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What Is Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a treatment plan which is used to replace a missing tooth using the surrounding natural teeth for support. Our expert team of the dentist have a way of matching the dental bridge with the natural dentition of our patients, so nobody has to know that you have had a dental procedure.

Dental Bridge From €695

If you reside within or around London, you can locate Ryan Dental on Harley Street, London to get started on your dental bridge procedure. We offer dental bridge treatments from €695. Contact us today on 020 71833709 to get started on our very affordable dental bridge services.

How Does Dental Bridge Work?

Dental Bridges Works

Sometimes, people lose their tooth accidentally, leaving a gap in the teeth. This gap can be undesirable, and a patient may want it covered up. This is the work of a dental bridge. It replaces the gap left by a missing tooth using the natural teeth surrounding it as support. Dental bridges have two crowns which sit on the tooth next to the gap then a replacement tooth fills the gap itself.

We have dental bridges made from a variety of materials like metal, porcelain, or a combination of metal and porcelain. The material of the dental bridge we offer is based on the preference of the patient.

Types Of Dental Bridges

Implant-Supported Bridges

These types of the bridge are supported with a dental implant, as the name implies. A dental implant is a small post which is made from materials like titanium, and it is usually placed within the bones. The implant, which functions as the root for the replacement tooth helps to give the patient the feeling of a natural tooth. Our dentist at Ryan Dental usually places one implant per missing tooth. 

Implant-supported bridges have a lot of advantages to other bridges. Because they do not depend on the, surrounding teeth for support, and they do not require any modification to the structure of the natural teeth. Implant-supported bridges can also improve oral health and prevent future bone loss.

Traditional Bridges

 This is the most common type of bridge. In this method, a false tooth is being supported by dental crowns which are cemented onto each of the teeth. It is used when the patient has natural teeth as the surrounding teeth to the missing tooth.

Cantilever Bridges

This method is similar to the traditional bridge method. However, in this case, the dental crown is cemented to only one of the neighbouring teeth as this method requires only one natural tooth for the process.

Maryland Bridges

This bridge uses a framework made of either metal or porcelain bonded onto the back of the abutment teeth. It also requires two natural teeth as neighbouring teeth to the missing tooth.

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