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Custom Gum Shield For Sports And Teeth Grinding

Do you play contact sports and need something to protect your teeth?

Or do you grind your teeth while sleeping at night? The simple solution to these problems is gum shields, also known as mouth guards.

Custom gum shield or mouth guards are tailor-made for your mouth. They give one of the highest levels of protection for your teeth and gums.

They are far better than the off-the-shelf models which are cheap, but generally bulky and fit poorly in your mouth. Although they are quite durable, yet the amount of protection they offer is limited.

Benefits Of Dentist-Fitted Gum Shield

There are two main functions of gum shields, and they are:

  • They protect those involved in contact sports such as rugby, hockey, and football. These sports have high risks of facial injury, but when wearing a dentist-fitted mouth guard, you can be sure of the protection of your teeth and gums.
  • They eliminate the symptoms of teeth grinding (bruxism). This happens involuntarily when the affected individuals are sleeping.

Any gum shield can offer some level of protection to the person wearing it, but custom gum shields which are fitted by a dentist are more effective. The reason for their high effectiveness is because they are made based on the exact measurement of your mouth.

Gum shield also provides several benefits such as:

  • It helps you speak normally and fluently while wearing them
  • You can breathe and swallow without obstruction or any difficulty
  • They fit perfectly into your mouth, and they do not feel bulky

Also, they are made of high-quality materials; this makes the mouth guard thick enough to give you the best protection you need. The custom gum shield is also odourless and tasteless, but this is not so with those off-the-shelf options which are cheap.

How are Custom gum shield made?

If you contact us at Ryan Dental to make your custom gum shield, the first thing we will do is to take a highly precise measurement of your mouth. This is to make sure that the gum shield fits securely and perfectly over your teeth and gums.

How Long Can They Last?

How long your custom gum shield lasts depends on your age. If one is a young adult or still growing, we will likely replace your gum shield regularly to accommodate the new and moving teeth.

If your custom gum shield is not replaced regularly, it will become too tight or loose, and this will affect the level of protection it offers.

Custom gum shield might last longer in older patients, but it will naturally wear off over time due to wear and tear.

We always advise our patients to come with their custom gum shield when coming for their regular dental check-ups. This will helps us examine and replace it if necessary.

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