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Consultation And Examination


If you need oral consultation, you can meet with our dental team at Ryan Dental to get one.

We offer initial consultations for all issues relating to dental health. Our consultants are very kind, understanding, and easily approachable. We listen to your complaint patiently and give proper advice to suit your needs.

Examination Process

The first step to take before beginning any treatment is to carry out a full check on your dentition to be able to ascertain your present oral health. The condition of your teeth and gums are properly checked to know how to prevent errors in diagnosis. The thorough examination process includes;

  • Assessing the hard and soft tissues in the mouth and joints of the jaw
  • Free oral cancer screening
  • Digital photographs of the inner parts of your mouth to enable views in different dimensions
  • X-rays using digital intraoral sensors

Meeting Your Treatment Goals

Every patient has a treatment goal he or she wishes to accomplish. Our consultants are available to listen to your treatment goals and discuss them with you. We ensure that the path you have chosen for your treatment is the best for you, and it will eventually result in your treatment goal. We also monitor all request reservations very carefully to make sure that our patients are always satisfied with our services.

Oral Cancer Screening

At Ryan Dental, we carry out free oral cancer tests for our consulting patients. Our Velscope early detection equipment is available to help in the screening.

If you are worried about having oral cancer or have noticed some symptoms, quickly visit our clinic on Harley Street, London or call us on 020 71833709 to book an appointment for your oral cancer screening.


Every individual that is interested in having a consultation has one general motive; which is having a better smile.
Despite the particular treatment a patient needs, the end product is always better dentition and higher confidence rate. When a patient comes to our clinic, we want to find out their dental issue and how to help solve it.
At Ryan Dental, we offer a lot of treatments. However, the standard procedures are Invisalign and Six-month smile aligners. These are usually part of the solution to the problem of most of our patients. Based on the solution, the pros and cons of the patient’s options are measured.
Firstly, we carry out a full clinical examination of our patients. After the analysis, we then carry out the necessary consent procedures before treatments can begin. For Invisalign and Six months smile, we need an orthodontic analysis and photographs from our patients.

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Ryan Dental is located at Harley Street, London. Visit us for your full consultations and medical examinations; also you can call us on 02071833709 to book an appointment or make inquiries relating to our services.

Our team of dentist and consultants are patient, experienced and willing to help you achieve your desired goal.

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Here at Ryan Dental, we offer a no-obligation initial consultation for our new clients. We are always delighted to attend to new clients at our dental clinic on Harley Street.
We’ve been regarded as one of the best dental clinics in London and across the globe. Our clients are always recommending our excellent orthodontic treatments. Let us be your dental care provider in London.

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