Teeth Whitening Facts to Help You Make Informed Decision Easily

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular treatments in modern cosmetic dentistry. This particular branch of dentistry has evolved unbelievably to be able to give you a brighter and more attractive smile that you have always desired.

A busy teeth whitening dentist in London shares some key notes about this highly sought-after dental procedure in the following paragraphs of this blog post to help you make an informed decision.

Everybody is not eligible for this oral cosmetic treatment:

Teeth whitening treatments are not suitable under the following circumstances:

  • You are pregnant or breast-feeding your baby.
  • You are allergic to peroxide compounds.
  • You are a child or in adolescent stage.
  • Your mouth has dental restorations.
  • Your teeth are prone to sensitivity or cavities.
  • You suffer from poor gum health and/or suffer from periodontal disease.

Teeth whitening effects last long:

Qualified dentists providing teeth whitening treatment in London assure the treatment offers long-lasting results. With minimal care and maintenance you can easily restore the whiteness of your teeth for up to 3 years following the treatment. You have to avoid smoking and cut down on beverages like tea, coffee, soda, red wine and certain foods to prolong the whitening effect.

Whitening does not hurt, neither damages the teeth:

Some people believe that whitening treatments leave the teeth sensitive. This is not true although you may feel little sensitivity in the teeth for a day or two after the treatment. But it wears out on its own after that.

The treatment involves a fast procedure:

Qualified dentists at Ryan Dental assure that teeth whitening treatments take less than an hour to get completed. Just imagine you spend less than an hour to get whiter teeth that will last for the next couple of years. It is relevant mentioning that this dental clinic is located at Harley Street in Marylebone which possesses an impressive track record in handling teeth whitening cases. However, some people may require longer time and more than one visit to the dentist depending on the degree of stains and the condition of the teeth.

Teeth whitening and cleaning are strikingly different:

Teeth cleaning procedures involve removing debris deposited on the teeth surface. It makes your teeth cleaner and whiter. But, teeth whitening is a specialised procedure which is completely different from teeth cleaning. It removes stains from the teeth surface.

Finding a cosmetic dentist in London is easy but finding a reliable one is not. If you want greater value for your hard-earned money, just view our address and make an appointment today at Ryan Dental. Our oral healthcare expert will access your dental condition and talk to you before drawing a customised treatment plan to provide the best possible results.

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