Common Types of Misaligned Teeth Problems and Their Solution

The beauty of your smile is only reflected when your teeth are healthy and in right condition. When your teeth are crooked and misaligned, your smile gets affected. Misaligned teeth not only affect your smile but also have long-term effects on your overall oral health and hygiene, says a dentist in London.

Malocclusion deals with any type of teeth misalignment issues that you may have. These days, thanks to clear plastic aligners, misaligned teeth treatment using Invisalign is a big hit.

In the following sections of the blog post, we will discuss 6 common types of malocclusion cases that are found frequently and their common non-surgical solution.

6 common types of malocclusion cases:

1. Underbite: It is a dental condition in which the lower teeth go past the upper ones. This problem mostly affects adults, who in their childhood were habituated with certain behaviours like thumb-sucking or excessive use of pacifiers. Genetics also plays its role in many such cases. An underbite issue can either be minor or severe and it is not just an aesthetic problem – unlike this popular belief. It prevents you from the proper chewing of foods. In more severe cases of underbite, patients suffer from acute pain and speech difficulty. The earlier the treatment starts, the easier it is to fix. These days, underbite problems in adults is successfully treated with Invisalign braces. It is a non-surgical and discreet procedure with a high success rate.

2. Overbite: An overbite problem is contrastingly different from underbite. In this malocclusion condition, an individual’s upper teeth go past the lower ones. Children who rely on pacifiers or suck the thumb at an age beyond 3 are more likely to develop this problem at a later stage. Otherwise genetics also play their role in forming this problem. The habit of pressing the tongue against the front teeth in consistent manner is identified as another risk factor. In more severe cases of overbite, one becomes too self-conscious. Certain teeth also undergo intense wear and tear leading to a number of chewing difficulties including pain. It may also damage the gums and strain your breathing. Invisalign braces are your assured tool to cure the problem.

3. Crossbite: Crossbite problem is not as common as either underbite or overbite although it is strikingly similar to them. Your teeth crisscross as you bite down when both the top and bottom palates are misaligned. Abnormal growth of adult teeth is often the cause behind the problem. In the crossbite condition, the teeth are uneven. It causes significant damage to the teeth the more you bite down, says a dentist renowned for teeth straightening using Invisalign braces. Chipped and cracked teeth are very common in this condition. Patients also complain about bleeding gums. Invisalign braces prove helpful to cure the problem although the treatment may take a little more time.

4. Crowded teeth: In some cases, it is seen a patient’s mouth is too small to accommodate all of his or her teeth. In such conditions, the teeth forcibly press against each other. The condition is called crowded teeth or overcrowding. Flossing and brushing are extremely difficult in such condition and plaque build-up is very common. Thus, these patients are more prone to periodontal disease and tooth decay. Customised Invisalign trays prove helpful to fix the issue.

5. Gapped teeth: This particular malocclusion condition is reverse to overcrowding. An individual’s mouth is too big or spacious for the teeth to fill up properly. As a result, small gaps are left between some of the adjacent teeth. Food particles easily get stuck in between these gaps or spaces. You have to be very careful and diligent with brushing and flossing when you have gapped teeth. Else, it becomes difficult to avoid tooth caries or cavities. It is easier for the exposed tissues in your gums to become tender. As a result, you will suffer from pain and inconvenience. Those gaps also affect your aesthetic appeal and lower your self-esteem.

Ryan Dental is a renowned practice in Marylebone and is one of the most reliable dentists at Harley Street. The expert says that Invisalign is your best bet to resolve the malocclusion problem of gapped teeth.

6. Open bite: This is another typical misalignment problem with the teeth. When you bite down, the teeth do not meet. If the problem occurs at the back of the mouth, it is a case of posterior open bite while if it affects the teeth at the front, you suffer from anterior open bite. Excessive thumb sucking or use of pacifier during your childhood is responsible for developing this problem in adulthood. In some cases, the condition is painful. Even eating certain foods proves challenging. Your speech can also suffer because of it. Most alarmingly, your gums may absorb your teeth because of this malocclusion problem. Non-surgical treatment using Invisalign braces is an assured way to correct the problem.

If you suffer from any kind of malocclusion problem, do not waste time to correct it. The earlier the problem is addressed, the faster it gets fixed. At Ryan Dental, we have an excellent track record in fixing all kinds of malocclusion cases. Feel free to contact our dentists today to correct your teeth misalignment issue.

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