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Airflow Teeth Polishing

Drilling is not required to remove plaque and stains from your teeth. We can successfully remove stains and plaques from your teeth with air polishing. At our dental clinic on Harley Street, we carry out effective airflow teeth polishing to remove debris, stains and plaque from teeth.

What Is Air Polishing?

Tooth Air Polishing (also referred to as airflow cleaning or air abrasion) is a dental technique used by a dentist to effectively clean decayed or stained areas on the teeth. Your dentist will make use of powder particles made of aluminium oxide, sodium bicarbonate or silica. This technique is targeted at the areas that need to be polished.Once your dentist dislodges plaques from your teeth surface, it will then be suctioned out with a thin tube.

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How Does Teeth Air Polishing Feel Like?

During the procedure, you will feel like a stream of air is pumped across your teeth. It is generally less painful, although you might experience little sensitivity during the procedure.

How Long Does Air Polishing Take?

Teeth Air polishing procedure is a simple procedure which might take a longer time than a drill. The duration of the procedure is dependent on the amount of polishing required on the teeth.

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What Results Should You Expect After Teeth Air Polishing Procedure?

Teeth Air polishing is not a new technology — it can be traced to a concept that was invented in 1945. It has been proven to be an effective means of removing stains and plaque from teeth.

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What Are The Limitations Of Airflow Teeth Polishing?

The effectiveness of teeth air polishing is dependent on your specific requirements. The limitations are not generalised. For instance;

  • Air abrasion can’t be used if there is a need to remove hard enamel in order to access the decayed area.
  • Airflow polishing cannot be used to clean deep cavities.

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